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We, Special Gold & Diamond Investment, hereby state and agree to Offer, Ready, Willing to sell the following Commodities at the specified period with the specifications and in the maximum quantity and for the price as stated below with the terms and conditions.

WHEREAS: Seller-Mandate agrees and warrants, under penalty of perjury, to offer HMS 1&2 / Used Rails for sale.

WHEREAS: Buyer agrees and warrants, under penalty of perjury, to purchase the Seller’s HMS 1&2 / Rails offered via Seller’s / Mandate.

WHEREAS all parties accept, respect and follow the Patriot Act II rules for Commodity Trading.

NOW THEREFORE: In consideration of the promises and mutual covenants herein set forth, both Parties agree to the Terms and Conditions as follows:

A. Seller, under full authority and responsibility, represents that he has the clear and qualified current photos from the stock.
B. Buyer, under full authority and responsibility, represents that he has the full financial capability to purchase as per the manifest below.
C. POF: Buyer will send the signed FCO back to seller on acceptance.


Product: Used Rail Tracks to ISRI 2003 Code 27 norms, and will be used rails R50 and R65 with Standard \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"T\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" section, original rail weight 50, 65 and 183kg.
Composition: Non-Metal impurities total 1% (One Percent) or Less-no Radiation. Mn: 0.75 –1.25; C: 0.71 –0.84; Si: 0.18 –0.55; S: 0.045Max; P: 0.035Max; AS: 0.01% Max of Mass Share; AND 00.1 Cr: Residual. The steel contains pure steel alloying.
Quantity: 30,000 MT X 12 MONTHS
Price: US$250 FOB
Contract Period: 12 Month+ R&E
Form: Cut or uncut (as per request of the Buyer)
Location: Ouagadougou, BURKINA FASO.
Product History: Clean, clear, without liens or encumbrances and of non-criminal origin.
Terms of Payment: Cost of transportation to the seaport and other expenses have to be effected by Buyer via T/T to Seller designated Bank account, while balance payment of the goods will be against B/L and Inspection Report within three (3) Days of loading the vessel at the seaport. The agreed down payment of 20% total costs of the goods will have to be effected by Buyer as deposit to finance the transportation and other miscellaneous expenses, while balance 80% will be against B/L and Inspection Report within three (3) Days of loading of the vessel. Buyer or his representative shall witness the operations on ground. (Above terms of payment are non-negotiable)

Loading Terminal: Burkina-Faso-Ouagadougou.
Delivery Schedule: 20 –25 days Maximum for shipment after signing Sales/Purchase Agreement
Length and Weight: 12.5 and 40mtrs long 65.5–183kg
Place of stock: Burkina-Faso-Ouagadougou.
Packaging: Rails to be cut to your specification to fit Containers or Break Bulk Shipment by seller.
Inspection: Quantity, Quality and weight are conducted at the loading Port by SGS or equivalent.
Condition of Product: No heavy rust. The Used Track Rails are clean without slag, dross, trash, wood, plastic, alloy, or prohibited goods.

An Irrevocable Letter of Intent shall be required from the buyer within fourteen (14) days after a notification of acceptance of our FCO before sales and Purchase contract agreement shall then be signed between seller and buyer on arrival in Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso.

Interested buyers should contact me on gold.dust@consultant.com
Mr. Peter Adjetey

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